We are a growing software development team located in the heart of Devon, UK. From our offices in Plymouth Science Park, we produce industry-leading software for Silhouette America and Graphtec Corporation.

Silhouette America is a leading producer of cutting machines and 3D printers for crafters and small businesses, and Graphtec produce cutting machines, plotters, scanners and printers for the industrial market. At Silhouette Software, we’re experienced and passionate about providing cutting-edge software for crafters, small businesses and industry.

Our flagship designing and cutting software, Silhouette Studio, sets the standard in the hobbyist crafting market and is used by millions of crafters and small businesses around the world. We also provide powerful software for Graphtec cutters, as well as innovative tools like Silhouette Connect (a plugin for Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw), Mint Studio and Silhouette 3D, which powers the Silhouette Alta 3D Printer.

With our passion for creativity, crafting and innovation, Silhouette Software leads the way in the cutting machine software market.

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